COVID-19 Procedures

Download the COVID-19 Procedures [pdf]

The COVID-19 pandemic results in the following additions to the garden rules to protect gardeners when interacting with other gardeners and other items.

Please continue to check all bulletin boards for announcements.

  1. Only gardeners are allowed in the garden, no visitors. If gardeners bring their children, they must be with the gardener or at the plot.
  2. Volunteers will be limited to groups of 10 under management of the Garden Coordinator.
  3. Conducting events such as the Ice Cream Social will depend on community guidelines in place.
  4. Hand washing will be available both in the rest room and at the stationary tubs outside of the tool shed. It's best to wash your hands when arriving and before leaving the garden.
  5. Only one person at a time will be allowed in the tool shed to either use the restroom or to borrow tools. Everyone will use the former Men’s restroom and sanitizer will be provided.


  1. Do not visit the garden if you feel ill, are coughing or have a fever.
  2. Bring a mask to wear in common areas to protect other gardeners. You can carry the virus without symptoms.
  3. Gardeners are encouraged to bring personal tools to minimize contact with community items.


  4. Maintain social distancing by remaining at least 6 feet apart at all times.
  5. Wear a mask in common areas to protect other gardeners especially during the opening weeks. You can remove the mask when working in your garden plot.
  6. Use disinfectant solution to thoroughly wipe down tool handles BEFORE AND AFTER USE.
  7. Thoroughly clean water spigots, wheel barrow and cart handles with supplied soap or disinfectant solution BEFORE AND AFTER USE.

Download the COVID-19 Procedures [pdf]

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