August 2011 Cuyahoga County Fair

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For the FOURTH year in a row the Ben Franklin Community Garden has been awarded first place at the Cuyahoga County Fair – Community Garden division. 22 gardeners donated their vegetables for the display which also included pictures of the garden grounds. The display also featured pictures of the many institutions who are the recipients of the surplus vegetables donated by the gardeners. A few scarecrows, a miniature bicycle and water spigot rounded out the display.

The display was designed by four committee members: Lisa Young, Jeff Kostura, Mike Theus and Kim Repinski.

Garden produce was donated by the following gardeners: Phyllis Crespo, Linda Dole, Hallie Forcinio, Kim Hageman, John Jenkins, Jim Kasper, Jeff Kostura, Daria Kuichytsky, Sharon McKanze, Tracey Nichols, George Oryshkewych, TJ Oryshkewych, Jan Papez, Evelyn Protiva, Kim Repinski, Tom Sargent, Christina Seabold, Don Shaffer, Mark Tapajna, Mike Theus, Bill Wallace, Lisa Young