August 2012 Cuyahoga County Fair

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For the FIFTH straight year the garden was awarded First Place in the Community Garden category of the Cuyahoga County Fair. The fair ran from August 6 -12 at the Fairgrounds in Berea. The display was entitled “Got Veggies?” and identified the five food groups and the recommended daily servings of each. Eighteen gardeners donated produce for the display which included 5 types of eggplant, 9 different squash, and about 15 varieties of peppers.

The following gardeners served on the Fair Committee this year and were responsible for the display theme, collection of produce, assembly and dismantling of the display: Kim Hageman, Jeff Kostura, Kim Repinski, Mike Theus and Lisa Young.

Produce was donated by the following: Linda Dole, Hallie Forcinio, Sharon Golias, Kim Hageman, Joe Heiskell, John Jenkins, Ken Keckler, Jeff Kostura, Rob Nash, Tracey Nichols, Greg Noeth, Evelyn Protiva, Kim Repinski, Judy Routzon, Tom Sargent, Mike Theus, Bill Wallace, and Lisa Young.

August 2012 Cuyahoga County Fair - The Big Pumpkin
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Jim Lewandowski's pumpkin was awarded first place in the Odd Specimens – Largest Pumpkin category.